Documentary film

Nightingales in Berlin (2019)

The documentary short film Nightingales in Berlin tells the story of musician David Rothenberg’s efforts to gather an international band of musicians to cross the species line and play music with nightingales in Berlin. Nightingales in Berlin is directed by Ville Tanttu and was co-produced by Sapphire Films and Playart Productions.

Featured in

Norpas Festival, 2019
Dalsbruk, Finland

WOMEX Film Programme, 2019
Tampere, Finland

Directors Cut International Film Festival, 2019
Vancouver, Canada

Ethnosoi Festival, 2019
Helsinki, Finland

Docs Without Borders Film Festival, 2020

Switzerland International Film Festival, 2020

Chain Film Festival NYC 2020, 2020

Innsbruck Nature Festival FILM, 2020

Nature Without Borders Film Festival, 2020
Winner, Best Ornithology Film

Culture Cinema Festival, Mumbai, 2021
Winner, Best Biodiversity Film

West Europe International Film Festival, 2021
Brussels, Belgium